Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Biggest Loser

Having kid/s is not an excuse to be careless about gaining weight nor being fresh from reviewing the notorious bar examination.

Those were my alibis whenever somebody noticed the bigger Lilet they saw a few months ago.  My weight hit its heaviest at 75 kilograms.

Look at those huge thighs!!!
I've tried a lot of ways to lose those plenty of unwanted fats....from doing yoga to different kinds of diet.  Obviously, those did not work.

Late September this year, our corporate admin officer announced that there would be a contest among those who wanted to be fit!  Called after the hit show, "The Biggest Loser'' targets those who are fed up of starving themselves and binge eating after.

We had our initial weighing in and mine was a little over 70 kilograms.  I've been doing some dieting for the past few months so somehow I already lost some weight.  Just imagine eating either mixed fruits or greens only during lunch during on workweeks!

Then, finally, after a lot of attempts to venture into joining races, I decided to become a runner... LegallyfabrunnR is born!

Fast forward to December, venue: Somerset Hotel in Makati and it was time to announce the winner for the biggest loser...

I did not hu hu!  I lost to Theresa for barely 0.2kg.  I should have had my hair cut first before the final weighing in.  Yeah..prizes are really amazing - big amount of cash + overnight stay at New World Hotel (with buffet breakfast) and airfare ticket for 2 to anywhere in the Philippines.  Sayang talaga!

But then, I may not have won but I am still happy for having discovered running.  Now, even without any prize at stake I will  run!  Look we have just paid today P1,200 to run for the Condura Skyway Marathon.  Quite pricey, right?  But they will be giving away medals for the finishers.  Look at these...

Here's my nice singlet shirt...

Let's go and run for the mangroves!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Simbang Gabi

Three more days and my attendance to "simbang gabi" will be perfect (again, for the nth time)!

"Simbang Gabi" (translated literally : night mass) or more popularly known as Misa de Gallo is a devotional nine-day series of masses practised by most Catholics in anticipation of Christmas (from December 16 to 24).  Traditionally, masses are held at dawn but during the 1990s, anticipated night masses at night started, I guess to encourage more to attend especially those who found it hard to wake up very early in the morning.  I still remember when I was growing up (elementary and high school days), waking up was really a sacrifice wiith cooler mornings and very early ringing of bells (around 3:45). I usually slept after the mass upon reaching home.  Not only that, there were times when even during the mass I fell asleep.  This usually happened when I went to mass directly from a party!

Simbang Gabi  (like running!) is a sure-fire formula for family bonding.  Last year, my daughter Dani and I were able to complete the series. Actually, Dani had asked a special favor and God granted it. It made her a  believer for novena masses, like me (remember my Run Pray Love entry). I don't know what the girls were asking this year, but I guess they relate to their studies.  Surprisingly, the girls were not that hard to wake up!

Last Saturday, we're supposed to join "The Long Run" under TBR's Dream Marathon at Nuvali.  But, due to conflict in mass schedule, we did not go.  Also, Tuesdays are usually for short runs.  Again, we did not run yesterday. Yes, it's an easy choice - God above all things!!
The soon-to-become so popular running venue!

It's a good thing that yesterday was the last day of the girls' school....their christmas party!! They have a two-week Christmas break.  Of course, they're very, very happy!!
Readying for her school Christmas party!
Showing off her new dainty!

This morning we were able to run...of course, after the mass.  But we had to cut it short from 6.5k to 4k due to time constraints - I have an office to run (corporate slave!).  Anyway, life is not only about running.  I run to make the body given by God healthy.  In this way, I glorify God!

How about you?  Did you run or attend simbang gabi?  Wish you did both!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First 10K race with Milo

Undoubtedly, MILO is one of the most popular races being held in the Philippines.  Last Sunday, thousands arrived at the Mall of Asia to participate on the 35th Milo Marathon Finals.  Of course, only those who qualified during the prior elimination races done on major cities all throughout the country can participate in the full marathon (42K).  For 3k, 5k, 10k and 21k races, anyone can register and run.

We signed up for 10k.  Well, it's time to level up after running two 5K races (adidas king of the road and SGV First Step Race), right?  Part of the race kit is a sheet containing running tips by Coach Jim Saret.  Tips such what to do the night before the race, food and hydration, pacing, injury and even post race considerations.  Fantastic!!

The most striking tip I read was regarding toenails.  What?  Yes, toenails.  Of course, we knew it already.  We have to regularly trim our toenails.  But, I brought it to the next level.  I had a foot spa at Justine Barbara while waiting for my girls do their Kumon.  Not just a regular spa, mind you, but an executive  foot spa. No, it's not a spa for executives (I'm not one, I'm just a corporate slave!).  I think the difference between a regular and executive spa lies on the additional foot products that they do apply (for a steep difference of P100 pesos in the price!).

Anyway, so I'm running my first 10K race with Milo not just with trimmed toenails but also with softened callus sliced off from the sole of my feet.  Hubby, an avid fan of barefoot running, actually discouraged me to do so for it will lessen my cushion daw.  But, I don't have a pretty feet so it's actually a regular ritual for me.

We woke up ahead of the alarm clock (it was set at 3:30 am).  Hubby was quite excited and couldn't sleep well.  Left home at 4 am and on our drive to Mall of Asia, we ate one boiled banana each.  We arrived at around 5am, gun time for 21K runners.  Our gun time was at 5:30, same time with the 5K and 3K runners but they will have a separate start/finish line and different route, which is a good thing since lots of them would certainly walk and it would be discouraging (I mean, it will have a parrot effect on me coz I like to imitate them and walk!)

3K and 5K runners have different start/finish lines!
We were off at exactly 5:30 am after Coach Rio bade us good luck!  It was truly a well-organized race.  With hydration sites at every 1.5 kilometers (wow!) and some sprinklers put up (very nice!).

10K was a long run...I forced myself to enjoy the views, especially when I passed by Manila de Bay along Roxas Boulevard.  The first three kilometers as well as the last three kilometers were easy.  What's hard was the middle 4-7 kilometers.  It was hard especially when you saw some 10K runners already done with the U-turn at 5K mark (located at Pedro Gil).  The U-turn spot seems to be so far away.  I kept on racing with a barefoot runner wearing Vibram Fivefingers.  Sometimes, he was ahead of me but often times I was.

The once famous baywalk along Roxas boulevard
Upon reaching the 4K mark, I was in need of a portalet.  I knew that there will be one along Roxas Boulevard.  Alas, at the U-turn, there was indeed not only but two.  So I took my pee break and lost the competitive barefoot runner.  I totally forgot about him until I resumed racing and ran past him at around 7K mark.  Oh my, he was already walking!!!

I finished the race at 1 hour, 22 minutes and 3 seconds.  Cut-off time was 1.5 hours.

This was actually my motivation not to walk no matter how tired my legs were.

Only those who made the 1.5 hours cut-off time were give this finisher's certificate for 10K

Proud 10K finisher!!!

As for my feet, the executive foot spa did not work.  I could feel that my two big toe nails were on the verge of dying (okay, that was exaggeration, they were only about to pass out!!!).  I guess, it was no longer a problem about trimming toenails or having foot spa before a run or race.  It's about having a running shoes which will make your feet happy despite a long arduous task ahead (task=long run).

So, I decided to retire my Puma running shoes and bought a new one - K-swiss Kwicky Blade Light (could no longer wait for Santa!)
My new running shoes!!!
I had a break in run this morning and true to its name, my K-swiss are really light.  I bet they are also quick should my running pace had been a little bit faster!!!  Oh well, happy feet = happy fabulous run =)))

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Letter to Running Santa

Dear Santa,

I heard you fired Rudolph and has decided to run instead in delivering your gifts.  That's awesome.  You can start counting 3-6 months from now and that big belly of yours will surely disappear =D

Anyway, with the fast-approaching Christmas, i know you're so busy checking your list, reading it twice and finding out who's naughty or nice...I just want to let you know that I've been mostly N-I-C-E this year.

Don't ask me though if hubby has been nice but definitely my two kids have been a little bit naughty.  It seems they don't run out of any thing to fight on making me a grumpy mom sometimes.  But, anyway, as I've said I've been mostly nice this year - I cut a lot of my shopping spree, I reduced my intake of junk foods, I did my share of giving (in my little special way) and best of all, I pursued RUNNING!

Hence, for my wish list this season, allow me to provide you with my shameless rundown *blushing*:

1.  Waist bag.  You can choose either -

Mizuno Bottle Waist Pouch

Nathan Speed 2 Waistpack
I will be needing this soon as I'm now planning to advance from 10K to 16K or half marathon.  Really!!!!

2. Watch with GPS.  This is my all-time wish....

Garmin Forerunner 310XT
It went on sale a week ago at Amazon, but sadly they don't ship to the Philippines!  Alternatively, you can get me a cheaper alternative like this one...

Soleus GPS 1.0

My hubby has this watch but in green.  He got it from somebody who loves him a lot.  Who else but the FABrunner!

3.  Any book by John "The Penguin" Bingham, except Running for Mortals.

My addiction to running even shows on what books I read.  I'm struggling to finish Games of Thrones (just halfway through but no longer advancing!) but I've already finished two running books (Born to Run and The Runner's Body).   Two new books I ordered from Amazon just arrived this morning - Running for Mortals and What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Murakami.

 4.  Brand new shoes... K-Swiss versus Asics

Kwikky Blade-Light

GT 2160


I actually like K-swiss more though GT-2160 was recently named best shoe in the world for 2011.

5.  And finally, an alternative to running shoes... Vibram Five-Fingers!

I've been contemplating on running barefoot but not entirely sans a protective gear for my feet.  This will do I guess!

There, my dearest St. Nicholas, you can now choose what to give me this Christmas.  By the way, my shoe size is 8 inches (but sometimes 7.5).

Looking forward to that awesome gift and keep running!



REFLECTIONS (through Fr. Anton):  3 Major temptations during Christmas (1).  Santa without Christ is relativism; (2) Christmas tree without belen is materialism; (3) Saying 'happy holidays' instead of "merry Christmas" is secularism.  So make sure to always include Jesus in your Christmas.  HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Miraculous Home(town) Run

Do you believe in miracles? I do.  They happen everyday.

Like last Sunday when we celebrated in Catarman (my hometown)  the Feast of the Miraculous Medal.  It had been raining since the day I arrived (Thursday).  Somebody advised to visit the nuns in Sta. Clara Monastery located around 8-10 kilometers away from Catarman.  The nuns will help us pray for a sunny Sunday so that we can encourage lots of churchgoers to join the procession (I'm the hermana *angelic smile).  These nuns also helped in praying for my success in slaying the evil 2010 bar exams *wink wink.

As the monastery is around 8-10 kilometers far from my house, I decided to run on Saturday in going there.  Anyway, I was slated to run around 8-9K based on my 10K training.  Then, I will just ask somebody to fetch me from there just in case I don't have any more energy to hail a tricycle for hire.

The Original Charlie's Angeyls

On Thursday evening during the birthday celebration of my older sister Annalissa, I met three funny gays who asked me if they could join my run on Saturday.  Who am I to say no?  The many-er the merrier, the more gays the funnier the run will be!  Especially if the gays to accompany you look like this ==>

We agreed to meet at the front of our house at around 4:30AM and leave at exactly 5AM, with or without any or all of them.

Saturday came and alas, not even one gay showed up.  So, I, Doods, Bambi and Gemma proceeded to run.  After crossing the bridge (around 500meters from start line), Bambi suggested to have a last minute change in the plan.  Instead of going to the monks, we diverted to a highway since the road has less vehicles, more fresh air.

I was able to run 11 kilometers, more or less, that ended up in the Catarman airport.  The run was magnificent!  We passed by a number of rice fields and some locals who were early risers cleaning their backyard!  There were other runners too like a woman expat who passed by me (her pace is amazing!).  We arrived at the airport at around 7AM, just in time for the arrival of the Cebu Pacific flight from Manila.  It was also a last minute plan to run directly to airport to meet my sister Letty and Dani who were arriving from Manila.

My shins were stressed much because it was my first time to run longer distance from my usual 5-6k.   Worse, I even forgot to put ice cubes after the run so it was really helluva suffering the whole day and even after!  Add to that the episodes of diarrhea (may be due to the water that I drink!) I had.  Grrrr.

Anyway, the run was truly miraculous as not even a drop of rain fell on Sunday. Not only were we able to parade Mama Mary around Catarman...

The kids had also a blast at the White Beach despite the scary waves....

Later, I learned that my daughter, Julia had really prayed hard the night before for a nice weather so they could go to the beach.   See her smile at the beach....priceless!

 And whether, the miracle of the Sunny Sunday was due to Julia's vigorous prayer or to my fabulous 11k for no rain, it really doesn't matter....All for Mama Mary...Long live the Queen!

So, keep on running....the act itself is indeed a miracle!

Monday, November 21, 2011

I won, I won!!!

Yes, I WON.

Not in a race though...but from a writing contest involving a race kit =D

Even Ronald McDonalds had been bitten by the running bug.  To celebrate McHappy Day this month, a family fun run was organized by the fastfood chain.  It's actually a worldwide fundraising effort in support of their charity works.  promoted the said run by giving away four (4) 5K race kits to some running crazies (me included!) who will answer the following question:  "Among the McDonald's characters, who do you think will be fun to run with?"

Did you know that there are 21 characters that were launched by McDo over the years?  Oh yeah and that is according to Wikipedia, but among the more popular ones are:

1. He was actually first introduced as the "Evil Grimace" in 1971.  Good thing, I wasn't born yet or else I'll surely hate him!  "Evil" was later dropped and he was re-introduced as one of the good guys.  Good for you, GRIMACE!

2.  HAMBURGLAR!  Now, by his name alone is a bad guy!  Of course, he is a thief and a villain who loves playing tricks on his friends.  He also started in 1971 with the name "Lone Jogger" (that's interesting to know!). I'm sure he loves running for how could he'll get away fast carrying all those stolen burgers?

3.  BIRDIE THE EARLY BIRD.  The first female character introduced in 1980 to promote Mcdo's breakfast items.  Female because it's usually Moms who prepare breakfast?  Clumsy as she is she actually studied karate, whoah!

4.  And of course, RONALD McDONALD.  Created by Willard Scott, is second to Santa Claus in terms of recognition, according to a survey in the US.  Wow!

So, what's my winning entry?  Here it is:  I wanna run with Hamburglar...I'll rob him of a win (*evil smile) then treat him with a Mcdo burger after the run!

Dani said I might win after reading the entries of others.  Indeed!

Keep on running...FABulously!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

To run on an empty stomach

Can you do that?  I can't but may be will try someday.

So why this topic?

I had a 12-hour fasting done yesterday in preparation for a very important religious Sunday event (no need to go into details since this is a running blog not a religious one!).  From 7am to 7pm,  I did not eat anything despite the tempting of my office mates to taste this and that...

Called intermittent fasting, this practice has something kind of magical, according to a professor at UC Berkeley, Dr. Marc Hellerstein.  And this approach to weight control has scientific basis since it yields the benefits of calorie restriction which ultimately reduce the risk of some diseases and even extend life.  So if you wanna live longer, it's definitely a good idea to observe fasting, especially during lent season.  You will definitely please God while pleasing yourself with the results!

At exactly 7:01pm, I gobbled up one whole patty (with chicken stew inside) from Jamaican Patty in less than a minute.  I should have win if there's an eating contest.  Then, arriving at home I still ate dinner (more rice please!). Now, that's the downside of intermittent fasting.  You usually resort to binge eating!

So this morning, my alarm was set at 4:45AM so I could run my usual 5K.  Oh my, the hubby was telling me that his head was aching...Why?  Because of hunger....hehehe.  I knew he was just making alibis so I insisted and he lazily obliged.

We did 5K and surprisingly there was no any hitch!  I therefore conclude that's it's okay to fast and furiously run the next day...Who knows you might achieve your goal of losing weight and look like......<==that!

At least the skeleton can still run!  But, GMA?  Sorry, warrant of arrest has already been issued so she could no longer run.  Maybe it would be best for her supporters to do some FASTING (hunger strike).  Who knows, P-noy may allow her to leave the country...LOL

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rain rain go away!

Oh yeah...rain!  Please go away...I need to run tomorrow morning.

But, if you come, please bring Leo with you...

I'll surely run even without a raincoat.

But, really!  I want to run...need to.  I need my dose of endorphin ...not the one that comes from my medication (60 grams of duloxetine daily).  No, it's not for depression but for my anxiety.  I am under medication for over two (2) years now and on my way to weaning....weehhh!

Anyway, should I have known that running is addicting then I should have stick to badminton.  So, please rain...stop and go away.  Will run tomorrow morning!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Very First Running Gadget

When i celebrated my 30+something birthday over a couple of weeks ago, I wished (not-so-secretly) to get a sports watch as a gift from hubby...a Garmin or even just a Timex.

Not-so-secretly because whenever hubby asked what birthday gift I wanted I always told him that my fascination toward designers' bags is so over and what I just wanted  was to monitor my pace in running.  Meaning, goodbye Michael Kors, Steve Madden and Louie Vuitton.  No, not Louie Vuitton...i have not yet owned any LV bag even though I was drooling over the monogrammed Alto bag of Angelina Jolie.

I appreciated hubby's effort to look for a Garmin watch by calling up some distributors in Ortigas but may be it's not yet my time to get that Garmin.  So, no Garmin (watch) only GAP (sweatshirt) which I adore.

When I signed up at dailymile to log my running miles, I always provided estimated distance and time spent.  Distance was measured before the run like driving the route to be covered while the time was based on a Carrera watch ( a gift from a pretty niece from Dubai).

In short, my current mileage and time are only based on NOT accurate. So, last night when I was at Greenbelt waiting for hubby, I decided to pay MAC a visit.  I was actually contemplating to buy a Nike + Ipod Sensor.  And I did.

Tomorrow this gadget will be tested on my first attempt to run 7.5K

Let's have a FAB run...happy weekend!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A family that races together...

.....finishes together and of course...stays forever!

So, me, hubby and our 2 girls - Danielle and Julia together with my sister, Bam with her friend, Gemma, and my niece, Erika woke up at 3:30 a.m., Sunday to prepare for the SGV run at MOA.

It will be our (me and hubby) second 5K race and first 3K race for the girls.  I told them to drink milk and  eat some boiled bananas.  Anyway, gun time for 3K and 5K races are still around 6 AM so we still have time to digest them.

Very early pre-breakfast meal.

I was having some hesitation on whether the fun run will proceed since the weather was not cooperating.  It had been raining the day before and hopefully, the rains are good sign for those who took the 2011 bar examinations last Sunday.  You see, it was the first time that bar examination will be conducted using Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and the barristers this year are the guinea pigs!

On our drive going to MOA, we were guessing that since this fun run collided with a big gun, the Chevrolet-NB Power Run, may be runners joining the event will be only around 2 to 3 thousand.  Alas, when we arrived at the race site, our estimate further went down to 1 thousand.  It seems that most of the participants are auditors just by looking at the profiles of those we met (nerd-looking, wearing eyeglasses most of the time...sorry for typecasting..I'm also an auditor once).   May be they were being required by their

Realizing that we will indeed run under the rain, we decided to ditch the umbrella during the warm up exercises.  Julia seemed to enjoy the scattered shower while doing the warm up.

Doing warm up under the cold morning rains!

Oh, the lady host was wearing the same shorts as mine...well, except for the size of course!  Nice taste=D

That green Adidas shorts are nice!
At exactly 6AM, the 10K runners (around 100 more or less) went off first.  Then us, the 5K runners were called.  I noticed a couple of runners who will run barefoot but they still carry some sandals (or may be the Vibram five fingers?) just in case they pass by some rough surfaces.  Gun was fired and we took off.

To be honest, I was targetting a sub 35 for this 5K run but I'm sure I wasn't able to do it.  I even performed worse than my maiden run.

Is it because of the five games of badminton I played last Friday during the PMSEA tournament?

Me playing hard at the PMSEA Tournament.
 Or may be because I have my first day of monthly period ?  Grr, I'm too conscious to run, especially because it's raining!  I could not take off my jacket for there might be some blood stain in my shorts!  And worse, in my jacket's pocket there is a digital camera and 2 cellphones!  Why?  Because even if we already told all the girls to leave their cellphones at the car, Gemma and Kikay still brought theirs.  And since they don't have pockets where they could hide their phone in order not to get wet, they left them all to me.  Grrr!

Anyway, hubby sprinted early on the race so I was left to run by myself.  And by golly, it seems that most of the auditors may be still tired from their work hence, could not continuously run past the 1K.  A lot were just walking...and they were chatting and

Around 200 meters to the finish line, I saw two girls chatting while walking.  Recognizing that they are Julia and Kikay, I called them up from behind.  Then, when they saw me they immediately sprinted for fear that i will get ahead of them.  They ran 3K but it looked like we will be finishing I took up their challenge and also sprinted.  I beat them ...hahaha.

So, we finished the race.

The proud finishers!
And we have a picture taken with the cute host...but sorry, I don't know his name.  He's a celebrity, I'm sure.

Posing with Mr. Cute Host
We inadvertently skipped the after run party (where according to my officemate who ran for 3K) had plenty of free cotton candies and popcorn!  Oh, how nice!  But, then our big breakfast at home is waiting and we could not wait to feed our grumbling stomachs!

'till next run!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the race less chosen

As in real life, you can be at a crossroads in running.  Especially nowadays where good fun runs and marathons are being held left and right.

The upcoming Power Run 2011 on Sunday, November 6 sponsored by New Balance and no less partnered by Chevrolet is a very delectable race to join.  They are even doling out a chance to win a new Chevy Cruze to finishers in all levels.  Definitely a top-sell!

I was almost on the verge of wrapping up my on-line registration when an email popped up -

Dear Valued Client,

The SGV Foundation is organizing 1st Step - The SGV Run for Learning to support the Aklat, Gabay, Aruga Tungo sa Pag-angat at Pag-asa (AGAPP) Foundation and help fund the construction of two Silid Pangarapfacilities, classroom-libraries for public preschools.

We urge you to support our cause. Please make a donation now by registering for the run. Kindly bring along your family and friends, and double the fun by running with loved ones in support of a great cause. We look forward to seeing you at the run!

Okay, SGV's invitation to run is a no-brainer for three (3) reasons: i) i'm a SGV alumna (don't ask what year lol); ii) living legend Washington SyCip is an idol (he is like Mother Theresa in the accounting world); and most importantly, iii) the run is for a very good cause.  Here in the Philippines, every year same old problems always surface as schools reopen - lack of classrooms and textbooks are among them.  Pork barrels given to our beloved Senators and Congressmen should be used for this instead of building (unwanted) waiting sheds and basketball courts!

The problem is that the SGV Run for Learning will happen simultaneously with that of the Power Run!  Not much of a hard choice, right?
  • A chance to win a Chevy Cruze vs. a chance to help fund the construction of some public school classrooms;
  • Php 850-1150 registration fee vs. Php300-600;
  •  Runrio vs a certain Ting Joson as the race organizer;
  • A comparison of the shirts: 

Wrong, choosing is so easy! I  already did....see you on Sunday!

Run FAB always ;-)