Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Very First Running Gadget

When i celebrated my 30+something birthday over a couple of weeks ago, I wished (not-so-secretly) to get a sports watch as a gift from hubby...a Garmin or even just a Timex.

Not-so-secretly because whenever hubby asked what birthday gift I wanted I always told him that my fascination toward designers' bags is so over and what I just wanted  was to monitor my pace in running.  Meaning, goodbye Michael Kors, Steve Madden and Louie Vuitton.  No, not Louie Vuitton...i have not yet owned any LV bag even though I was drooling over the monogrammed Alto bag of Angelina Jolie.

I appreciated hubby's effort to look for a Garmin watch by calling up some distributors in Ortigas but may be it's not yet my time to get that Garmin.  So, no Garmin (watch) only GAP (sweatshirt) which I adore.

When I signed up at dailymile to log my running miles, I always provided estimated distance and time spent.  Distance was measured before the run like driving the route to be covered while the time was based on a Carrera watch ( a gift from a pretty niece from Dubai).

In short, my current mileage and time are only based on NOT accurate. So, last night when I was at Greenbelt waiting for hubby, I decided to pay MAC a visit.  I was actually contemplating to buy a Nike + Ipod Sensor.  And I did.

Tomorrow this gadget will be tested on my first attempt to run 7.5K

Let's have a FAB run...happy weekend!

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