Thursday, November 17, 2011

To run on an empty stomach

Can you do that?  I can't but may be will try someday.

So why this topic?

I had a 12-hour fasting done yesterday in preparation for a very important religious Sunday event (no need to go into details since this is a running blog not a religious one!).  From 7am to 7pm,  I did not eat anything despite the tempting of my office mates to taste this and that...

Called intermittent fasting, this practice has something kind of magical, according to a professor at UC Berkeley, Dr. Marc Hellerstein.  And this approach to weight control has scientific basis since it yields the benefits of calorie restriction which ultimately reduce the risk of some diseases and even extend life.  So if you wanna live longer, it's definitely a good idea to observe fasting, especially during lent season.  You will definitely please God while pleasing yourself with the results!

At exactly 7:01pm, I gobbled up one whole patty (with chicken stew inside) from Jamaican Patty in less than a minute.  I should have win if there's an eating contest.  Then, arriving at home I still ate dinner (more rice please!). Now, that's the downside of intermittent fasting.  You usually resort to binge eating!

So this morning, my alarm was set at 4:45AM so I could run my usual 5K.  Oh my, the hubby was telling me that his head was aching...Why?  Because of hunger....hehehe.  I knew he was just making alibis so I insisted and he lazily obliged.

We did 5K and surprisingly there was no any hitch!  I therefore conclude that's it's okay to fast and furiously run the next day...Who knows you might achieve your goal of losing weight and look like......<==that!

At least the skeleton can still run!  But, GMA?  Sorry, warrant of arrest has already been issued so she could no longer run.  Maybe it would be best for her supporters to do some FASTING (hunger strike).  Who knows, P-noy may allow her to leave the country...LOL

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