Monday, November 28, 2011

Miraculous Home(town) Run

Do you believe in miracles? I do.  They happen everyday.

Like last Sunday when we celebrated in Catarman (my hometown)  the Feast of the Miraculous Medal.  It had been raining since the day I arrived (Thursday).  Somebody advised to visit the nuns in Sta. Clara Monastery located around 8-10 kilometers away from Catarman.  The nuns will help us pray for a sunny Sunday so that we can encourage lots of churchgoers to join the procession (I'm the hermana *angelic smile).  These nuns also helped in praying for my success in slaying the evil 2010 bar exams *wink wink.

As the monastery is around 8-10 kilometers far from my house, I decided to run on Saturday in going there.  Anyway, I was slated to run around 8-9K based on my 10K training.  Then, I will just ask somebody to fetch me from there just in case I don't have any more energy to hail a tricycle for hire.

The Original Charlie's Angeyls

On Thursday evening during the birthday celebration of my older sister Annalissa, I met three funny gays who asked me if they could join my run on Saturday.  Who am I to say no?  The many-er the merrier, the more gays the funnier the run will be!  Especially if the gays to accompany you look like this ==>

We agreed to meet at the front of our house at around 4:30AM and leave at exactly 5AM, with or without any or all of them.

Saturday came and alas, not even one gay showed up.  So, I, Doods, Bambi and Gemma proceeded to run.  After crossing the bridge (around 500meters from start line), Bambi suggested to have a last minute change in the plan.  Instead of going to the monks, we diverted to a highway since the road has less vehicles, more fresh air.

I was able to run 11 kilometers, more or less, that ended up in the Catarman airport.  The run was magnificent!  We passed by a number of rice fields and some locals who were early risers cleaning their backyard!  There were other runners too like a woman expat who passed by me (her pace is amazing!).  We arrived at the airport at around 7AM, just in time for the arrival of the Cebu Pacific flight from Manila.  It was also a last minute plan to run directly to airport to meet my sister Letty and Dani who were arriving from Manila.

My shins were stressed much because it was my first time to run longer distance from my usual 5-6k.   Worse, I even forgot to put ice cubes after the run so it was really helluva suffering the whole day and even after!  Add to that the episodes of diarrhea (may be due to the water that I drink!) I had.  Grrrr.

Anyway, the run was truly miraculous as not even a drop of rain fell on Sunday. Not only were we able to parade Mama Mary around Catarman...

The kids had also a blast at the White Beach despite the scary waves....

Later, I learned that my daughter, Julia had really prayed hard the night before for a nice weather so they could go to the beach.   See her smile at the beach....priceless!

 And whether, the miracle of the Sunny Sunday was due to Julia's vigorous prayer or to my fabulous 11k for no rain, it really doesn't matter....All for Mama Mary...Long live the Queen!

So, keep on running....the act itself is indeed a miracle!

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