Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the race less chosen

As in real life, you can be at a crossroads in running.  Especially nowadays where good fun runs and marathons are being held left and right.

The upcoming Power Run 2011 on Sunday, November 6 sponsored by New Balance and no less partnered by Chevrolet is a very delectable race to join.  They are even doling out a chance to win a new Chevy Cruze to finishers in all levels.  Definitely a top-sell!

I was almost on the verge of wrapping up my on-line registration when an email popped up -

Dear Valued Client,

The SGV Foundation is organizing 1st Step - The SGV Run for Learning to support the Aklat, Gabay, Aruga Tungo sa Pag-angat at Pag-asa (AGAPP) Foundation and help fund the construction of two Silid Pangarapfacilities, classroom-libraries for public preschools.

We urge you to support our cause. Please make a donation now by registering for the run. Kindly bring along your family and friends, and double the fun by running with loved ones in support of a great cause. We look forward to seeing you at the run!

Okay, SGV's invitation to run is a no-brainer for three (3) reasons: i) i'm a SGV alumna (don't ask what year lol); ii) living legend Washington SyCip is an idol (he is like Mother Theresa in the accounting world); and most importantly, iii) the run is for a very good cause.  Here in the Philippines, every year same old problems always surface as schools reopen - lack of classrooms and textbooks are among them.  Pork barrels given to our beloved Senators and Congressmen should be used for this instead of building (unwanted) waiting sheds and basketball courts!

The problem is that the SGV Run for Learning will happen simultaneously with that of the Power Run!  Not much of a hard choice, right?
  • A chance to win a Chevy Cruze vs. a chance to help fund the construction of some public school classrooms;
  • Php 850-1150 registration fee vs. Php300-600;
  •  Runrio vs a certain Ting Joson as the race organizer;
  • A comparison of the shirts: 

Wrong, choosing is so easy! I  already did....see you on Sunday!

Run FAB always ;-)


  1. nice comparison you have here :)

  2. thanks Daves for visiting my blog! you're the first (and may be the only) commenter!

  3. Wise choice. Keep running. See you in New York someday?

  4. Thanks Roy! New York Marathon is one of my dreams in running. Hope to run it before I turn 50...hehehe