Monday, October 31, 2011

Run, Pray, Love...on my birthday!

Like Elizabeth Gilbert, we ladies sometimes embark on some journey searching for something or everything.

Imitating her search on her book, Eat Pray Love , I set sail on a mission on my birthday.  But, it doesn't mean you have to wait your birthday to do your thing.  I just availed of my birthday leave so as not to forfeit it! =D


Hubby and I woke up at a quarter to 5 AM for our 10K training schedule .  It was just a relaxed run and I had to cover only around 2 miles.  Most of the time I jogged (fabulously!) LOL.  It was nice not to wear contact lens nor eyeglasses since I could not see the distance I have to cover.  Hence, running was easier!

Ready, set, SWEAT!
 Upon reaching home, my daughter Juia was already ready for school.  She's always punctual.  Sometimes, she is the one who wakes us up!

My future running partner!
Our overweight (like me) but cute and sweet labrador Ichang is one of my first greeters. =D  We could not however tag her along in our runs because of her nasty habit of greeting other runners with a loud bark!

Tickling Ichang!


On the day the 2010 bar examination results came out, together with a friend-barrister, I visited a total of nine (9) churches.  Desperate situations call for desperate measures.  I promised to return to these churches - pass or fail.  One of these churches is the St. Jude Shrine in Manila, which is very popular among those taking different board/bar examinations, going overseas, praying for partner in life, etc.  After all, he is the Patron Saint of Desperate Cases!

Devotees flocked St. Jude statue right after the Novena
 First pit stop was the very popular among Wednesday's devotees, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Shrine.

It was my first time to go near the altar.  May be because, it was not a Wednesday hence less devotees were visiting Mama Mary.

Isn't it glorious?
Didn't I mention that I was only able to visit three churches?  I know the Good Lord will understand.  I was just commuting!  I took a bus from Edsa, Ayala going to Baclaran and it took an hour to get there.  Thereafter, I rode the LRT on the way to Mendiola.  I was supposed to alight at Doroteo Jose but goodness, I missed it!  I alighted at the next station - Bambang and took a jeepney ride going back to Doroteo Jose then took another jeepney ride going to Mendiola.  Except for the humidity, I really love commuting!  It's always a humbling experience!

Second pit stop was one of the nicest interiors I've ever seen here in Manila....the Abbey of our Lady of Montserrat inside San Beda College in Mendiola.

Beautiful interiors, di ba?

Next pit stop was St. Jude which I already mentioned earlier.  It was there that I lighted my candles....five in all (for 5K FAB runs!).

5 candles for 5K runs!
And the final pit stop...

NO, it's not a church though it also has bells. It's the SPA in Greenbelt which led me to....


Before we can love others, we have to love ourselves, right?  Loving means pampering so I had my body scrubbed with seasalt...then wrapped with honey (wanted to taste it while being wrapped...YUM!)...and finally, an hour Swedish massage.  It was AWESOME that I wanted to run sleep for 10K hours after!

Of course, I did not miss lunch.  I shared a lovely meal of Sicilian chicken salad and stuffed mushroom at Italianni's Greenbelt 2, one of my favorite restaurants with my business partner-very good friend, Kumareng Jacquie....

I blew my candle there...Italliani's staffs love me for being a frequent visitor...thanks Bistro!

Now, about sharing love....there was no GARMIN watch to share..only GAP sweatshirt.  But I LOVE it and I intend to wear it every FUN run that I will join (*wink).

GAP now, GARMIN later!

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