Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day Before My First 5K!

Ever since I signed up for the 5K fun run of the AKOR, there’s this excitement I could not contain.  My 5k training plan entails a five-week workout plan consisting of 4x a week run/walk for certain number of minutes.

To say that I religiously followed the training plan is a mis-assessment (if there’s such a word).  Around half of the plan was all did I succeed in pursuing. 

A lot of factors (some alibis!) contributed to half-success, half-failure – hubby’s dad died when I was on the start of my second week.  And, there were days when it was really nicer to curl up in bed and enjoy few minutes of snoozing prior to preparing for office.  Add to that, the start of our badminton training.  We hired a badass coach who seems to enjoy torturing us by letting us run here and there just to slam that shuttlecock!

Nevertheless, I am confident that I can do the 5k tomorrow (*sheepish grin).  In fact, a couple of nights ago I already had my singlet and running paraphernalia laid out in bed due to excitement!

*nice color especially for a morena like me hehehe.

So what happened today?

Definitely, no running but I am planning for some short swim later in the afternoon.  Just so I can relax my leg muscles.   Then, for dinner at home we’re having some grilled….is that t-bone?  YUM.  May be I’ll just have small serving and eat more rice?

I saw some sweet potato and ripe bananas for boiling. Will surely have more of those tonight.

Too excited ‘no?

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