Wednesday, October 12, 2011

running and badminton

can i play badminton while i'm in the middle of training for my first ever 5k marathon?

badminton is a fun sports!  and it delivers a lot of promise to all those who are bent on losing weight, definitely me included.  you move a a lot....sweat a lot.  fantastic, right?

i plan doing it on some of my rest days (may be twice a week).  though i'm not sure if this will affect or help me with my running.

according to bluefootrunner, running and badminton complements each other as running helps build stamina.  however, she did not have a nice experience due to some muscle pain she experienced when she played badminton after some hiatus.

in a couple of hours, i will be playing badminton.  and early tomorrow morning, i intend to run around 3k. and in between these two sports, another physical activity might take place!

wish me luck =D

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