Monday, October 31, 2011

Run, Pray, Love...on my birthday!

Like Elizabeth Gilbert, we ladies sometimes embark on some journey searching for something or everything.

Imitating her search on her book, Eat Pray Love , I set sail on a mission on my birthday.  But, it doesn't mean you have to wait your birthday to do your thing.  I just availed of my birthday leave so as not to forfeit it! =D


Hubby and I woke up at a quarter to 5 AM for our 10K training schedule .  It was just a relaxed run and I had to cover only around 2 miles.  Most of the time I jogged (fabulously!) LOL.  It was nice not to wear contact lens nor eyeglasses since I could not see the distance I have to cover.  Hence, running was easier!

Ready, set, SWEAT!
 Upon reaching home, my daughter Juia was already ready for school.  She's always punctual.  Sometimes, she is the one who wakes us up!

My future running partner!
Our overweight (like me) but cute and sweet labrador Ichang is one of my first greeters. =D  We could not however tag her along in our runs because of her nasty habit of greeting other runners with a loud bark!

Tickling Ichang!


On the day the 2010 bar examination results came out, together with a friend-barrister, I visited a total of nine (9) churches.  Desperate situations call for desperate measures.  I promised to return to these churches - pass or fail.  One of these churches is the St. Jude Shrine in Manila, which is very popular among those taking different board/bar examinations, going overseas, praying for partner in life, etc.  After all, he is the Patron Saint of Desperate Cases!

Devotees flocked St. Jude statue right after the Novena
 First pit stop was the very popular among Wednesday's devotees, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Shrine.

It was my first time to go near the altar.  May be because, it was not a Wednesday hence less devotees were visiting Mama Mary.

Isn't it glorious?
Didn't I mention that I was only able to visit three churches?  I know the Good Lord will understand.  I was just commuting!  I took a bus from Edsa, Ayala going to Baclaran and it took an hour to get there.  Thereafter, I rode the LRT on the way to Mendiola.  I was supposed to alight at Doroteo Jose but goodness, I missed it!  I alighted at the next station - Bambang and took a jeepney ride going back to Doroteo Jose then took another jeepney ride going to Mendiola.  Except for the humidity, I really love commuting!  It's always a humbling experience!

Second pit stop was one of the nicest interiors I've ever seen here in Manila....the Abbey of our Lady of Montserrat inside San Beda College in Mendiola.

Beautiful interiors, di ba?

Next pit stop was St. Jude which I already mentioned earlier.  It was there that I lighted my candles....five in all (for 5K FAB runs!).

5 candles for 5K runs!
And the final pit stop...

NO, it's not a church though it also has bells. It's the SPA in Greenbelt which led me to....


Before we can love others, we have to love ourselves, right?  Loving means pampering so I had my body scrubbed with seasalt...then wrapped with honey (wanted to taste it while being wrapped...YUM!)...and finally, an hour Swedish massage.  It was AWESOME that I wanted to run sleep for 10K hours after!

Of course, I did not miss lunch.  I shared a lovely meal of Sicilian chicken salad and stuffed mushroom at Italianni's Greenbelt 2, one of my favorite restaurants with my business partner-very good friend, Kumareng Jacquie....

I blew my candle there...Italliani's staffs love me for being a frequent visitor...thanks Bistro!

Now, about sharing love....there was no GARMIN watch to share..only GAP sweatshirt.  But I LOVE it and I intend to wear it every FUN run that I will join (*wink).

GAP now, GARMIN later!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

5K is a Child's Play

There are things in life worth knowing before taking the big plunge (college, marriage, career, etc).  Running should also be included since it is not just a walk in the park.  Before jumping into this bandwagon, I made sure to come up with a workout plan that will help me in pursuing this sports. I also did a lot of readings…from blog to sports magazines to books.  I am reading now Chris McDougall's "Born to Run" and I am learning a lot about running (though in barefoot which I think majority of runners are no yet ready to embrace the idea, especially in our country in which streets and pavements are in pathetic conditions!).

This morning, I ran my first 5K in the AKOR Philippine run and except for some nuisances, I immensely enjoyed it.  I didn’t even notice that I was already near the 3K mark.  It was not pure running though, I did some walking but not because all my energy has been zapped out already but due to a lot of participants who turned out to be “walkathoners”.  I guess around 3 out 5 in the 5K run started to walk upon approaching the 1.5k mark.  No sir, I’m not kidding!  They really were walking and unfortunately, it did not only slow down some runners but it also doubled your effort to run trying to avoid bumping their cute butts!

Because of that, I resolved to level up sooner than soon.  I actually planned to join another two 5K fun runs but after I learned first hand that 5K is just a child’s play then I will cut short my training for 10K by a couple of weeks.  Maybe run 1 more 5K and sign up for 10K around first week of December.  Yessir, I have 6 weeks now to train 10K rather than the original 8 weeks (*wish me luck).

Anyway, I was able to finish 5K around 43 minutes which I think is not a bad start for newbie runner like me.  Should have been earlier except for some unusual things I felt when I passed the 3K mark.  I felt some urge to pee and was hoping to pass by some portalets but nada on sight.  Alas, when I was approaching the 4K mark, I had goose bumps and I don’t know why because it’s not really cold.  In fact, my face was so hot that when I splashed water in my face it felt really good (*naks).  Except for the goose bumps!  I don’t know what caused them.  May be it’s just a mind thing or maybe just the surging release of endorphin (?).

I also enjoyed watching runners of 16.8k and 21k approaching the finish line.  I even took some pics.

He might win stylish hair, right?
Cute runner, eh?

Oldest but fittest?

They are called the latte boys!  I'll try to find out why?

Too bad, I just noticed Coach Rio when he already passed by.  No, he was not running, he was riding a motorbike!  That’s because he is the race director and it’s expected of him to monitor several locations.

Well, the most photo-worthy of all ......

My first running medal!

I just love having the glow and nice natural blush after a run......

Well, 'til next RUN =D


My 5K results are not that impressive at 38 minutes and 13 seconds.  But, hey, I ranked 1755 out of 7527 runners.  I am at the upper 25%  and it was my FIRST RUN! *wink

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day Before My First 5K!

Ever since I signed up for the 5K fun run of the AKOR, there’s this excitement I could not contain.  My 5k training plan entails a five-week workout plan consisting of 4x a week run/walk for certain number of minutes.

To say that I religiously followed the training plan is a mis-assessment (if there’s such a word).  Around half of the plan was all did I succeed in pursuing. 

A lot of factors (some alibis!) contributed to half-success, half-failure – hubby’s dad died when I was on the start of my second week.  And, there were days when it was really nicer to curl up in bed and enjoy few minutes of snoozing prior to preparing for office.  Add to that, the start of our badminton training.  We hired a badass coach who seems to enjoy torturing us by letting us run here and there just to slam that shuttlecock!

Nevertheless, I am confident that I can do the 5k tomorrow (*sheepish grin).  In fact, a couple of nights ago I already had my singlet and running paraphernalia laid out in bed due to excitement!

*nice color especially for a morena like me hehehe.

So what happened today?

Definitely, no running but I am planning for some short swim later in the afternoon.  Just so I can relax my leg muscles.   Then, for dinner at home we’re having some grilled….is that t-bone?  YUM.  May be I’ll just have small serving and eat more rice?

I saw some sweet potato and ripe bananas for boiling. Will surely have more of those tonight.

Too excited ‘no?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

my pirate daughter

just wanna share what my daughter had been brewing up the past few weeks..

i know she can't beat pirates...that's why she joined them!  is she a criminal??

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

running and badminton

can i play badminton while i'm in the middle of training for my first ever 5k marathon?

badminton is a fun sports!  and it delivers a lot of promise to all those who are bent on losing weight, definitely me included.  you move a a lot....sweat a lot.  fantastic, right?

i plan doing it on some of my rest days (may be twice a week).  though i'm not sure if this will affect or help me with my running.

according to bluefootrunner, running and badminton complements each other as running helps build stamina.  however, she did not have a nice experience due to some muscle pain she experienced when she played badminton after some hiatus.

in a couple of hours, i will be playing badminton.  and early tomorrow morning, i intend to run around 3k. and in between these two sports, another physical activity might take place!

wish me luck =D