Sunday, October 23, 2011

5K is a Child's Play

There are things in life worth knowing before taking the big plunge (college, marriage, career, etc).  Running should also be included since it is not just a walk in the park.  Before jumping into this bandwagon, I made sure to come up with a workout plan that will help me in pursuing this sports. I also did a lot of readings…from blog to sports magazines to books.  I am reading now Chris McDougall's "Born to Run" and I am learning a lot about running (though in barefoot which I think majority of runners are no yet ready to embrace the idea, especially in our country in which streets and pavements are in pathetic conditions!).

This morning, I ran my first 5K in the AKOR Philippine run and except for some nuisances, I immensely enjoyed it.  I didn’t even notice that I was already near the 3K mark.  It was not pure running though, I did some walking but not because all my energy has been zapped out already but due to a lot of participants who turned out to be “walkathoners”.  I guess around 3 out 5 in the 5K run started to walk upon approaching the 1.5k mark.  No sir, I’m not kidding!  They really were walking and unfortunately, it did not only slow down some runners but it also doubled your effort to run trying to avoid bumping their cute butts!

Because of that, I resolved to level up sooner than soon.  I actually planned to join another two 5K fun runs but after I learned first hand that 5K is just a child’s play then I will cut short my training for 10K by a couple of weeks.  Maybe run 1 more 5K and sign up for 10K around first week of December.  Yessir, I have 6 weeks now to train 10K rather than the original 8 weeks (*wish me luck).

Anyway, I was able to finish 5K around 43 minutes which I think is not a bad start for newbie runner like me.  Should have been earlier except for some unusual things I felt when I passed the 3K mark.  I felt some urge to pee and was hoping to pass by some portalets but nada on sight.  Alas, when I was approaching the 4K mark, I had goose bumps and I don’t know why because it’s not really cold.  In fact, my face was so hot that when I splashed water in my face it felt really good (*naks).  Except for the goose bumps!  I don’t know what caused them.  May be it’s just a mind thing or maybe just the surging release of endorphin (?).

I also enjoyed watching runners of 16.8k and 21k approaching the finish line.  I even took some pics.

He might win stylish hair, right?
Cute runner, eh?

Oldest but fittest?

They are called the latte boys!  I'll try to find out why?

Too bad, I just noticed Coach Rio when he already passed by.  No, he was not running, he was riding a motorbike!  That’s because he is the race director and it’s expected of him to monitor several locations.

Well, the most photo-worthy of all ......

My first running medal!

I just love having the glow and nice natural blush after a run......

Well, 'til next RUN =D


My 5K results are not that impressive at 38 minutes and 13 seconds.  But, hey, I ranked 1755 out of 7527 runners.  I am at the upper 25%  and it was my FIRST RUN! *wink

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