Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Energy gel...for endurance!

I had my first taste of energy gel last Saturday.  And it tastes good (of course, I chose the blackberry flavor!)

This gel has provided me with a shot of 100 calories of carbo upon reaching the 1-hour mark.  I've read in one of the running books that when you're running for more than two hours you will need some energy boosters.  This will help with replacing the glycogen level and also avoid build up lactic acid thus avoiding developing injury.  Ooops, sorry for the running lingo!

Speaking of runner's language, I had a funny encounter with a muggle last Monday.  I went to Mercury Drug Store hoping to find energy gel there....

Me:  Do you have GU energy gel?
Pharmacist:  Ano po yun?
Me:  Energy gel...kahit anong brand.
Pharmacist:  (with a bewildered look)  Para saan po yun?
Me:  For endurance
Pharmacist:  (with an enlightened look) Ahhhh

He left to get a sample.  Guess what he brought?  A condom..yup, endurance is a known label for a condom....LOL.  Anyway, I left the drugstore empty handed.

This Sunday, I will be running my first half-marathon (21K).  Based on my current training pace, I might do it  for about 2.5 - 3 hours.  Oh yes, that's how slow I run.  But, as they say in running, it's not how fast you run but on whether you finish the race or not.
21K Race Map
  So, let's run and conquer the Skyway!

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