Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bora run

I had been remiss on my training.  And Boracay is a culprit.

We had our strategic planning at Shangrila Boracay..a very nice place.

Me and my closest officemates actually took the long route going to Bora...that would be via Kalibo.  From Kalibo to Caticlan, it took us 1 1/2 hours land trip to reach Caticlan jetty.  Then, we took the fast craft provided by Shangrila to guests going to the hotel.

The conference lasted for 4 days but I was only able to train once and only for 4k...grrr.  I actually did plan to run along the shore or even around Shangrila.  But, I could not run earlier than 6AM because it was still dark.  So I decided to use the gym.  I hit the treadmill only on the 3rd day!

And I did a lot of physical activities!

Did kayaking for an hour...

Swam with Sharina for an hour...

Partied every night..

So, what can I say about Bora?  Well, except for the sand, I still like my summer getaway beach in San Antonio!

Boracay fine!

And I really love running it shows on the shirt I wear even in Bora!

Me on my fave shirt!

Now, back to running!!!!

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