Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where did the runners go?

I've asked that question when I ran last Sunday after a lazy spell for 3 days.  I couldn't see a lot of joggers/runners!

Did laziness catch up on them like what happened to me the past 3-4 days?  Are they having running burnout?  Or maybe they were just enjoying the few more weekends of cool mornings.

Then, I remember.  It's the day when Piolo was set to beat his own record for the 10K.  It's the Timex Run Race...

I actually planned to run this race early on but begged off last minute due to some conflict in my husband's social schedule.  And even without conflict, we also could not run due to his injury!

He was suffering from tendonitis.  According to orthopedics.about.com, tendonitis is most often an overuse injury.  Does that mean he was overtraining?  Hmmm may be!  He was not always heeding my advise of strictly following our running workout plan, especially on the distance to be covered.  The plan says run for 12k and he did 16k!

Anyway, he's starting to recover now after a series of therapy and medication.  Hope we can have a long run training this weekend.  You see, having a running partner is a great motivator.  From the time hubby was injured, I haven't had any long run.

Instead, I had short runs for three consecutive days totaling almost 15K.  Yesterday, I had a nice run at Graceland Estates and Country Club.  It offers an amazing view while circling the jogging trail ...

I took that picture using my IPhone 4S.  I'm really loving Instragram right now.  It's the best way of updating your FB status with matching picture.  A genius software invention!  Before, almost all my status updates are regarding my runs or races.  Now, most of my updates are either Instagram photos or impeachment proceedings.

So, where did the runner in me go the past few days?

She's either taking Instagram photos or watching Tupas being lectured by Enrile or pawned by Cuevas! =D

Friday, January 13, 2012

An Opening Bullish Run

This race is the opening salvo for runners this year. Late November last year, the 16K and 21K slots were already sold out.  It was a good thing that we decided to register for 16K as soon as we were able to survive our Milo 10K run.

Why the 16K and not the 21K?  Well, I didn’t want to rush things. I am the type of person who sticks to the plan. I am already training for 21K and based on the schedule, I’m supposed to run around 15-18K this week.  So, just to add spice to the training, we decided to sign up.  Other motivations are, of course, the give-aways, like the finisher’s shirt and the medal (aside from the singlet, of course).

SO how did it go? 

We were at the site at around 4:30 AM. The gun time was at 5:20, so we still have time to do some warm ups and other prep stuff.  I thought running the new distance was going to be a grueling task so I had some muesli and a half-glass of milk for early breakfast.

The gun start was not the usual. It was a bell, like the one they use at the PSE trading hall.  At 5:15, the 21K runners sped off, shortly followed by us, the 16K runners.

As mentioned by last year’s participants, hydration was a problem. So, I made sure to bring my own drink (water with some Gatorade).  Indeed, it was a good move. The first hydration stop, though, was at 500m.  Can you believe that?  Who gets thirsty after running just 500 meters?  Anyway, at 3K there was no hydration. I even overheard somebody complaining about it.  Hydration came at around 5K and after that though, there was a continuous supply at regular intervals so I didn’t hear any more complaints. There was also a supply of Pocari sweat, which turns out to be nice drink, and I had it for a couple of times.

The refreshing experience I had was with the water shower. Too bad, though, that the singlet seemed to be not so dri fit, since I was dripping wet (especially on my tummy part).

The first 10K was smooth, and it wasn’t really that hard.  In fact, I even broke my personal record in the Milo 10K run.  But, when I approached the Kalayaan flyover, it was really a struggle. I was able to run the first pass.  But coming back, I did feel the drain of energy.  My feet were so heavy it was really difficult to run.  So, I walked going up the flyover.  It was bliss going down; however, the last 3K was done using the walk-and-run strategy.  The flyover had really zapped a lot of my energy.

I finished the 16K at 2 hours, 12 minutes and 42 seconds.  I bested 242 runners (being ranked 426 out of 668, not so bad! LOL)

It was really exhilarating crossing the finish line. I even lingered at the shower area for a while.

Then I gulped an iced can of Pocari sweat. So sweet!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My 2012 List


Wow, that was a very good year for me and my family...

  • I was officially admitted to the Philippine bar on April 2011; 

  • By attending a marriage encounter in Tagaytay on June 2011, Hubby and I were able to discover Serviam, a Catholic lay organization founded by the late Archbishop of Manila, His Eminence Cardinal Sin.  We are now "entrants" and we will start tomorrow our journey towards knowing more deeply our Lord and Savior;

  • Danielle and Julia were in good health the entire year, except for some bouts of colds and cough;


  • Do more legal works than finance.  Hopefully, I will get feedback regarding my application with the Office of the Solicitor General (*crossing fingers*);
  • Perfect attendance for Sunday masses and Holy Days of Obligation (with kids).  I also want Dani to be part of Serviam's Youth Ministry (!);
  • Continuous good health for the whole family and no dengue attack please;
  • Running-wise, run at least four (4) half-marathons with at least 1 race abroad (either the Singapore Marathon or Phuket Marathon).  Around 3rd quarter, I would like to start training for my first full marathon (planning to run either TBR's Dream Marathon or Condura's 2013 Skyway Marathon).   Call me ambitious but if Anne Curtis was able to release an album then I certainly can train and run for a marathon (*sorry for the poor analogy*).

Let's ALL rock 2012 by running, praising and giving back all the glory to the One!