Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where did the runners go?

I've asked that question when I ran last Sunday after a lazy spell for 3 days.  I couldn't see a lot of joggers/runners!

Did laziness catch up on them like what happened to me the past 3-4 days?  Are they having running burnout?  Or maybe they were just enjoying the few more weekends of cool mornings.

Then, I remember.  It's the day when Piolo was set to beat his own record for the 10K.  It's the Timex Run Race...

I actually planned to run this race early on but begged off last minute due to some conflict in my husband's social schedule.  And even without conflict, we also could not run due to his injury!

He was suffering from tendonitis.  According to orthopedics.about.com, tendonitis is most often an overuse injury.  Does that mean he was overtraining?  Hmmm may be!  He was not always heeding my advise of strictly following our running workout plan, especially on the distance to be covered.  The plan says run for 12k and he did 16k!

Anyway, he's starting to recover now after a series of therapy and medication.  Hope we can have a long run training this weekend.  You see, having a running partner is a great motivator.  From the time hubby was injured, I haven't had any long run.

Instead, I had short runs for three consecutive days totaling almost 15K.  Yesterday, I had a nice run at Graceland Estates and Country Club.  It offers an amazing view while circling the jogging trail ...

I took that picture using my IPhone 4S.  I'm really loving Instragram right now.  It's the best way of updating your FB status with matching picture.  A genius software invention!  Before, almost all my status updates are regarding my runs or races.  Now, most of my updates are either Instagram photos or impeachment proceedings.

So, where did the runner in me go the past few days?

She's either taking Instagram photos or watching Tupas being lectured by Enrile or pawned by Cuevas! =D

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