Monday, November 21, 2011

I won, I won!!!

Yes, I WON.

Not in a race though...but from a writing contest involving a race kit =D

Even Ronald McDonalds had been bitten by the running bug.  To celebrate McHappy Day this month, a family fun run was organized by the fastfood chain.  It's actually a worldwide fundraising effort in support of their charity works.  promoted the said run by giving away four (4) 5K race kits to some running crazies (me included!) who will answer the following question:  "Among the McDonald's characters, who do you think will be fun to run with?"

Did you know that there are 21 characters that were launched by McDo over the years?  Oh yeah and that is according to Wikipedia, but among the more popular ones are:

1. He was actually first introduced as the "Evil Grimace" in 1971.  Good thing, I wasn't born yet or else I'll surely hate him!  "Evil" was later dropped and he was re-introduced as one of the good guys.  Good for you, GRIMACE!

2.  HAMBURGLAR!  Now, by his name alone is a bad guy!  Of course, he is a thief and a villain who loves playing tricks on his friends.  He also started in 1971 with the name "Lone Jogger" (that's interesting to know!). I'm sure he loves running for how could he'll get away fast carrying all those stolen burgers?

3.  BIRDIE THE EARLY BIRD.  The first female character introduced in 1980 to promote Mcdo's breakfast items.  Female because it's usually Moms who prepare breakfast?  Clumsy as she is she actually studied karate, whoah!

4.  And of course, RONALD McDONALD.  Created by Willard Scott, is second to Santa Claus in terms of recognition, according to a survey in the US.  Wow!

So, what's my winning entry?  Here it is:  I wanna run with Hamburglar...I'll rob him of a win (*evil smile) then treat him with a Mcdo burger after the run!

Dani said I might win after reading the entries of others.  Indeed!

Keep on running...FABulously!

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