Sunday, December 4, 2011

Letter to Running Santa

Dear Santa,

I heard you fired Rudolph and has decided to run instead in delivering your gifts.  That's awesome.  You can start counting 3-6 months from now and that big belly of yours will surely disappear =D

Anyway, with the fast-approaching Christmas, i know you're so busy checking your list, reading it twice and finding out who's naughty or nice...I just want to let you know that I've been mostly N-I-C-E this year.

Don't ask me though if hubby has been nice but definitely my two kids have been a little bit naughty.  It seems they don't run out of any thing to fight on making me a grumpy mom sometimes.  But, anyway, as I've said I've been mostly nice this year - I cut a lot of my shopping spree, I reduced my intake of junk foods, I did my share of giving (in my little special way) and best of all, I pursued RUNNING!

Hence, for my wish list this season, allow me to provide you with my shameless rundown *blushing*:

1.  Waist bag.  You can choose either -

Mizuno Bottle Waist Pouch

Nathan Speed 2 Waistpack
I will be needing this soon as I'm now planning to advance from 10K to 16K or half marathon.  Really!!!!

2. Watch with GPS.  This is my all-time wish....

Garmin Forerunner 310XT
It went on sale a week ago at Amazon, but sadly they don't ship to the Philippines!  Alternatively, you can get me a cheaper alternative like this one...

Soleus GPS 1.0

My hubby has this watch but in green.  He got it from somebody who loves him a lot.  Who else but the FABrunner!

3.  Any book by John "The Penguin" Bingham, except Running for Mortals.

My addiction to running even shows on what books I read.  I'm struggling to finish Games of Thrones (just halfway through but no longer advancing!) but I've already finished two running books (Born to Run and The Runner's Body).   Two new books I ordered from Amazon just arrived this morning - Running for Mortals and What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Murakami.

 4.  Brand new shoes... K-Swiss versus Asics

Kwikky Blade-Light

GT 2160


I actually like K-swiss more though GT-2160 was recently named best shoe in the world for 2011.

5.  And finally, an alternative to running shoes... Vibram Five-Fingers!

I've been contemplating on running barefoot but not entirely sans a protective gear for my feet.  This will do I guess!

There, my dearest St. Nicholas, you can now choose what to give me this Christmas.  By the way, my shoe size is 8 inches (but sometimes 7.5).

Looking forward to that awesome gift and keep running!



REFLECTIONS (through Fr. Anton):  3 Major temptations during Christmas (1).  Santa without Christ is relativism; (2) Christmas tree without belen is materialism; (3) Saying 'happy holidays' instead of "merry Christmas" is secularism.  So make sure to always include Jesus in your Christmas.  HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!

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