Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Simbang Gabi

Three more days and my attendance to "simbang gabi" will be perfect (again, for the nth time)!

"Simbang Gabi" (translated literally : night mass) or more popularly known as Misa de Gallo is a devotional nine-day series of masses practised by most Catholics in anticipation of Christmas (from December 16 to 24).  Traditionally, masses are held at dawn but during the 1990s, anticipated night masses at night started, I guess to encourage more to attend especially those who found it hard to wake up very early in the morning.  I still remember when I was growing up (elementary and high school days), waking up was really a sacrifice wiith cooler mornings and very early ringing of bells (around 3:45). I usually slept after the mass upon reaching home.  Not only that, there were times when even during the mass I fell asleep.  This usually happened when I went to mass directly from a party!

Simbang Gabi  (like running!) is a sure-fire formula for family bonding.  Last year, my daughter Dani and I were able to complete the series. Actually, Dani had asked a special favor and God granted it. It made her a  believer for novena masses, like me (remember my Run Pray Love entry). I don't know what the girls were asking this year, but I guess they relate to their studies.  Surprisingly, the girls were not that hard to wake up!

Last Saturday, we're supposed to join "The Long Run" under TBR's Dream Marathon at Nuvali.  But, due to conflict in mass schedule, we did not go.  Also, Tuesdays are usually for short runs.  Again, we did not run yesterday. Yes, it's an easy choice - God above all things!!
The soon-to-become so popular running venue!

It's a good thing that yesterday was the last day of the girls' school....their christmas party!! They have a two-week Christmas break.  Of course, they're very, very happy!!
Readying for her school Christmas party!
Showing off her new shoes...so dainty!

This morning we were able to run...of course, after the mass.  But we had to cut it short from 6.5k to 4k due to time constraints - I have an office to run (corporate slave!).  Anyway, life is not only about running.  I run to make the body given by God healthy.  In this way, I glorify God!

How about you?  Did you run or attend simbang gabi?  Wish you did both!!!

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