Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Biggest Loser

Having kid/s is not an excuse to be careless about gaining weight nor being fresh from reviewing the notorious bar examination.

Those were my alibis whenever somebody noticed the bigger Lilet they saw a few months ago.  My weight hit its heaviest at 75 kilograms.

Look at those huge thighs!!!
I've tried a lot of ways to lose those plenty of unwanted fats....from doing yoga to different kinds of diet.  Obviously, those did not work.

Late September this year, our corporate admin officer announced that there would be a contest among those who wanted to be fit!  Called after the hit show, "The Biggest Loser'' targets those who are fed up of starving themselves and binge eating after.

We had our initial weighing in and mine was a little over 70 kilograms.  I've been doing some dieting for the past few months so somehow I already lost some weight.  Just imagine eating either mixed fruits or greens only during lunch during on workweeks!

Then, finally, after a lot of attempts to venture into joining races, I decided to become a runner... LegallyfabrunnR is born!

Fast forward to December, venue: Somerset Hotel in Makati and it was time to announce the winner for the biggest loser...

I did not hu hu!  I lost to Theresa for barely 0.2kg.  I should have had my hair cut first before the final weighing in.  Yeah..prizes are really amazing - big amount of cash + overnight stay at New World Hotel (with buffet breakfast) and airfare ticket for 2 to anywhere in the Philippines.  Sayang talaga!

But then, I may not have won but I am still happy for having discovered running.  Now, even without any prize at stake I will  run!  Look we have just paid today P1,200 to run for the Condura Skyway Marathon.  Quite pricey, right?  But they will be giving away medals for the finishers.  Look at these...

Here's my nice singlet shirt...

Let's go and run for the mangroves!!

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