Monday, August 6, 2012

Manila Bay

A long time ago, when me and my family still live in the congested Manila, one of our favorite places to while away time especially on a weekend afternoon was the Manila Bay sidewalk - more popularly known as The Baywalk.

You will see an assortment of people at Baywalk - from businessman to vagrants to students.  One time, hubby and I decided to try jogging around the CCP Complex.   I was lazy then so I chose to bike with some of my officemates.  Hubby ran alone and after some few kilometers he stopped.  The stop was so sudden (we were ignorant then!) that he lost consciousness.  Gladly, after few seconds and a seemingly lifetime of nervousness, he came back to life.

 We just laughed about that experience.  Alas, we didn't pursue running then.  Too bad because we were a lot younger then and much stronger!  We are not yet that old now but not so much stronger anymore.  There's that nagging wish that we should have started this running earlier.  Shoulda.  Coulda.  Still, better late than never.

Almost three weeks ago, we joined a race called the Manila Bay Clean Up Run sponsored by the Manila Broadcasting Company.  It turned out to be a family affair since we also registered the girls and Tita Dhel for the 5K.  Hubby and I joined the 15K race.

The gun time was delayed for some few precious minutes due to some politicos who wanted to share some thoughts about the run ;)


It was really refreshing running along Manila Bay side - so breezy.  Some runners treated their pets for a nice run!

The medal is just okay - an addition to my growing collection courtesy of my running career.

The best part though was the breakfast at Aristocrat - Boneless chicken barbecue with Java rice.  AWESOME!!!


  1. sayangski di ako nakasama dito.

    1. Hi K, thanks for dropping by :) U can join next year!